Social Health & Education Development Organization

Social Health and Education Development Organization (SHEDO) is committed to working with youth, children, and women through music, constitutional awareness, and social innovation. We believe “Value-based interventions bring lasting change in society,” thus we focus on actualizing the constitution in life. Music is at our core and we believe it is an influential medium to reach and connect to people cogently.

In the last 7 years, we strategically built our key resources in the form of a group of energetic and enthusiastic young men and women and developed youth-centric spaces while working on the co-creation of the cultural-constitutional ecosystem.

shedo initiative programs


Taleem works with underprivileged and minority children to reconnect them with education. We have developed innovative music and activity-based lessons to build interest in studies and we aspire to create cultural spaces a government schools through the regular conduction of Baal-sabha.

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Community Youth Forum

CYF is a year-long journey based on principles of knowledge sharing, co-creation, innovation, and constitutional values, where youth get to know themselves, their potential, get exposure, increase their knowledge base and bring out leadership qualities; all while building a youth-based eco-system.

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Folk Studio

Folk Studio is an endeavor for local folk artists who do not have access to studios and other music production tools. It is one of a kind studio based in the semi-urban area, we established this studio with a vision that folk music must be preserved and new compositions based on values and social issues must be composed.

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Lokvidhan Fellowship

Lok-Vidhan Fellowship provides an opportunity to take constitutional impulses and values among the community to experience the process of knowing, acknowledging, and living constitution in a 12-month journey. It aims to bring folk songs to the world and understand the human values embedded in them to bring out active and sensitive citizenship in them.

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Constitution from the time of its inception has not been a friendly subject to discuss upon for the common citizens, and neither there is a space for such open discussions in communities. Although the constitution is by the people and for the people, but it still is not among the people. SHEDO through its initiatives wishes to build a constitutional ecosystem where social units would develop a progressive social structure based on the values of mutual love, fraternity, equality, and justice.


Music has been one of the most important mediums to connect people, mass awareness, and in creating cohesive sociological units and structure. In today’s scenario music is losing its essence and has just become a mode of entertainment. We believe music is a very impactful and engaging tool to transfer knowledge, values, and ethics. We wish to give music new dimensions and a meaningful aura for being a medium of change and equity.

Social entrepreneurship

Through social entrepreneurship, we aim to recognize the opportunities and create sustainable models for small-scale businesses with social values at their core. Through our processes, we aim to promote Young Social Entrepreneurs who will find innovative and resourceful solutions for the existing problems while building a base for better skill-based livelihood opportunities. Local entrepreneurship models are needed in especially in rural and tribal areas because the young population of our country needs exposure, platform, and opportunities. through our programs like CYF and Lokvidhan, we aim to address this and establish sustainable livelihood models which draw best from both worlds i.e. business and non-profit, to maximize social impacts.

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