About Shedo

Social Health and Education Development Organization (SHEDO) is a Non-Government Organization established in 2014 under the Society Registration Act 1973. The organization was established in the Timarni block of Harda district, Madhya Pradesh. Its value proposition is based on the organization’s core belief that women, children and youth must be adequately empowered. In addition, they must possess enough self-esteem to independently face the world and its challenges.

Keeping this in mind, all community interventions of SHEDO have been specially designed to address an individual’s need for inclusion, safety, self-expression, employment and entrepreneurship. In order to strengthen relationships with its beneficiaries, SHEDO uses various forms of innovation and creativity, to make its interventions highly impactful. The organization has, over a period five years, strategically built its key resources in the form of a group of energetic and enthusiastic young men and women, having their key strengths and competencies in different domains of the development sector. Similarly, in a very short span of time, SHEDO has built strategic partnerships with like-minded social organizations because it truly believes in the philosophy that the achievement of its social objectives is possible only through meaningful professional collaborations.

Keeping in line with its value proposition, SHEDO is currently undertaking three key activities namely, the Computer-Based Functional Literacy Program for Women (CBFL), TALEEM – an Educational Reintegration Program for Children and Community Youth Forum (CYF) – an Active Citizenship Journey for Youth, Folk Studio Music for Peace, Expressions and Fraternity Currently, all the Four key activities are being done in the Harda district of Madhya Pradesh. The primary beneficiaries of these programs are people belonging to the tribal and rural communities of the state.


“ An empowered world for children, youth and women through inclusive education, active citizenship and sustainability ”


  • To develop an inclusive system of education based on creative pedagogical interventions like music and arts for children, along with developing child friendly spaces to encourage self-expressions.
  • To create experiential journeys for youth by initiating processes of active citizenship and linking them to self-development, career goals and entrepreneurship
  • To achieve gender equality and women’s empowerment through education, skill-building and livelihood generation


  • To create awareness among the people regarding child rights, child protection, leadership and violence.
  • To advocate for child rights, education and health.
  • To empower women for raising their voice against violence
  • To build life skills & leadership quality in youths through various platforms.

Approaches/ Strategies

  • Participatory approach
  • Private public partnership
  • Promote Local self-governance
  • Right based approach


SHEDO is made by a group of people which includes individuals from different communities and sections of society. This diversity enable SHEDO to have a strong vision. The work culture of organisation is comprised of certain values which are established in each individual across all ends of the institution. This value based environment makes us different.

Innovation and creativity - Everyone will get equal opportunity, and by changing their old ways and methods, innovative ways will promote new thinking, which can be adopted along with conventional methods to solve the community's issues such as problems faced by youths. We also give opportunities to the groups (Children, Women, Youth etc.) to innovate in their field and add something new to the world around them.

Leadership - A strong and major value in the beginning of the journey of institution in which every individual is the leader. We are committed to make second line leadership which will eventually come and take main responsibilities taking the lead. We are committed towards our attempts to bring them to the first row irrespective of discrimination of any kind. It is also included in our work system where we strive to bring women leadership, youth leadership and child leadership from community.

Team work - To work with team sprit and be always open to other groups or organisations regarding suggestions, learning, trust building and accountability. We believe group integrate working spirit, which inspires the institution to create a democratic atmosphere.

Inner harmony - To bring mutual love, equanimity and peace on every level SHEDO is committed to promote mutual love, respect towards community, warmth towards each class and section of country. This is the heart of our value system. We strongly oppose any kind of discrimination and deal with such situation through endearment and peace.