campaigns & events

Forest Camp “Jal,Jungal,Jameen aur vikash

Jal, Jungle, Jameen and Development is a three-day process in which we organize a camp with an effort to understand the presence and importance of the water, forest and land while trying to understand different dimensions of development. We collectively try to understand capitalist economy, the socialist economy, feudalist economy and tribal economy. We try to look closely at lifestyle of tribal while understanding the human development and happiness index. This camp is the first step in the journey of active citizenship where in we start process of deep tooted understanding about social structures, discriminations, natural resource management and sustainable usage of resources.

Child Right Campaign

We organize a huge campaign from 14-20 Nov of every year. SHEDO’s objective to organize this campaign is to create child friendly atmosphere at all the places/institutions of society. For this we have been in coordination with all the groups, departments, NGO/voluntary organization’s and schools for creating awareness on child rights. SHEDO is doing efforts to defend the cases of child abuse of any type. Till now we have provided information to 1870 children on what is 1098, POSCO act, Good touch Bad touch, Child labor and child abuse.

Women’s Day Celebration

since last 3 years SHEDO is working for women’s rights and participation in Timarni block of Harda district M.P. We are steadily working in the rural and urban both areas’ societies to stop violence against women and effective implementation of laws to stop it. We celebrate world women’s day with the participation of women representatives, working women and members of various women empowerment departments and organizations. We conduct the exercises like risk mapping, probing and questioning through group plays etc with female (working outside and in house women, collage/school girls) to identify and mark the sensitive public places of city where they face eve teasing, misbehavior by male. We invite representatives from police department, Women and child development, Lions club, ICDS and female teachers during these celebration/workshop to provide guidance and support to address issues and livelihood .

“ Sikka Nahi Samman Do ” Campaign

A campaign was organized with a slogan - “Sikka Nahi Samman Do.” The activity to create rangoli in front of every door step of the Timarni city was achieved with an objective to deliver the message of “Not to give money to children who knocks at your door” The big picture of this campaign ensure the dignity of every child by appealing to people to stop charity in the name of religion encourage the child beggaring by promoting education covered 1140 door for Rangoli against child begging.

YOUTHSTORY Event National Youth Day

The quintessential role of SHEDO is to bring and express the ideas of youth, in-front of the community and government. Every year Youth Story, an event is organized on National Youth Day with the objective to create a common platform for rural and urban youth for sharing. The purpose is to learn from each other’s journeys. This engagement has brought a positive change in the society. The event this year was celebrated on 12th January, 2018 with social entrepreneurs from 4 states and 250 urban rural youths of Harda District. The youth actively shared youth issues. A few among them were: lack of opportunities, utilitarian approach, exclusion in the society and the burden of competitive environment due to which they cannot act according to their interest etc.

Some of the highlights of 2018 event were: deputy collector priyanka tripathi explain about civil Services preparation and Tuhin explain about fair journalism in India.