excutive body

Ritesh Gohiya

Ritesh is founder of SHEDO he is part of social development sector from past 10 years. He completed his master degree in social work in 2009. He has 10 years of experience in the field of social worked mainly child right, child education, Youth Development, constitution and Social Music. Ritesh could never fit into the standard mould of typical school system. He felt that his thoughts were not on pace with his seemingly still surroundings. He was a school dropout himself thus feel so inclined towards working on education system. Over the years, he developed an interest for art and music and started experimenting in real life scenarios. He is keen in developing innovative teaching and learning techniques across all streams of education. Ritesh believes small steps lead to giant changes. His vision is to empower youth and make active citizens who will act responsibly where ever they are.

Himanshu Shukla

He is pursuing Ph.D., holds M.phill and Master in Social work (MSW) degree from DAVV Indore with M.A. in sociology from Barkatullah university Bhopal. He has 12 year of intensive experience of work in the field of Maternal and child health, Child Development- quality education, child protection and Violence against women. He has acquired expertize not only to motivate way to deal with the issues of tribal community and the slum areas of urban community during his work with international and national organizations like ChildFund, Care India, and IPE Global.

Kavita Sonkiya

Kavita is a founding member of SHEDO. She MSc in botany and also did MPhil before choosing education as career. She started her journey in field of social work while working as a Teacher in government school. There she realised that education system is lacking in innovation and thus is unable to attract children in manner it should. Most of the students find education boring and thus readily skip classes. She is working in field of education from last 10 years and she believes all the work being done in field of education is based upon people ideas of quality education whereas we completely forget to understand the meaningfulness of education from children’s point of view and this contributes in making education burdensome for them. Thus she is committed to find new innovative methods for education she also lead TALEEM which is music and fun based education initiative of SHEDO