Folk Studio


This program gives an opportunity to the young artists of rural and urban pockets who dream to innovate in music and establish themselves in the field of music. Lok Vidhan Fellowship is the process of experiencing folk songs and constitution through journey of self to society while living the values of the constitution. A place where young artists express themselves before the world, recognize the significance of folk songs, co-create music on social issues, and generate sustainable livelihood opportunities with economic freedom for themselves. Young artists take the responsibility of active citizens as social transformers.


Dignified acknowledgement of folk music in world.


To inspire and empower folk artist and their art through journey of self, society and constitution.

Why Music Matters?

Increase positive sense of self and ones role in the community

Musical individuals are found to have more cohesive feelings towards community while they fulfill their duties as individual with utmost sincerity.

A Positive outlet of Self-expression

Music inspires individuals to express their self in a positive manner.

Reflective Learning

Individuals get new lens to introspect on failures and successes through the creative process, and derive a sense of their own competencies, interests, and challenges.

Process Orientation

Music develops the ability to consistently refine their thinking as part of the creative process, developing an ability to re-evaluate goals and objectives and, if needed, adjust their approach to the objective.

Emotional Awareness

Music enables people to express themselves in various ways while making them more sensitive towards preferences, feelings and rights of others.

Creativity and Innovation

Individuals learn to think about problems from a variety of viewpoints and increase problem-solving skills.

Self-esteem, social and cultural identities

People with musical background tend to have better self-esteem. It also enables people to express their social and cultural identities while respecting others identity.