CBFL PROJECT (Partnership with TCS and PRAYAS)

A partnership project with TCS and Prayas, was started in 48 villages of the Timarni block of Harda district with a vision to make 5000 women functionally literate. This program focuses on the functional literacy of uneducated women and is spread over a time span of 70 to 75 hours in three months. The entire teaching-learning process is carried out with the help of technology that helps them to read and write. The focus is more on words and numbers rather than alphabets. Since the last year, this initiative has made 5700 women literate.

Impact : Out of 5700 women 4370 women are now able to read as well as write. In addition, they have also learned the methods of addition and subtraction.

Changeloom Program (Partnership with PRAVAH Delhi)

The Changeloom Program is the process of knowing the institution development and self with the help of flow. In which the focus is on youth development, 5th space and institutional development dimensions, for which PRAVAH also provide financial assistance to take the organization forward and while giving proper direction to its work.


The institution is good in creation of IEC and its strategic strategy. For the Swachh Bharat Mission, SHEDO has planned for awareness building activities with its team at Satavas, Sujalpur and Badanwar as a nodal agency for its effective. During this time about 31 Jingles have been made. In awareness movement, the work has been done to create positive atmosphere for cleanliness. With the youth of the College and School, Swachh Bharat Mission was working on large scale for garbage collection in which about 1000 young people showed their activism and tried to make cleanliness a part of their life or a habit.


As a resource organization SHEDO is working with Woman Empowerment Department Harda for identification, formation, training and capacity building of Shourya dals. Under this project the formation, strengthening, training and capacity building of the Shourya Dals has been done by SHEDO in 41 villages and 39 urban areas of Harda block