A group of diverse youth engaged in music and education started an initiative SHEDO in March 2014, they started to teach school students hailing from marginal communities and slums by innovating in education by making curriculum in music.

About Us

SHEDO is a community and constitution-centric organization. Its value proposition is based on the organization’s core belief that the roots of the constitution must be strengthened and folk culture must be preserved. In addition, they must possess enough self-esteem to independently face the world and its challenges. Keeping this in mind, all community interventions of SHEDO have been specially designed to address an individual’s need for inclusion, safety, self-expression, constitutional literacy, and entrepreneurship. Music is at the core of SHEDO and we believe music is an influential medium to reach and connect to people cogently. The organization has, over a period of five years, strategically built its key resources in the form of a group of energetic and enthusiastic young men and women, having their key strengths and competencies in different domains of the development sector.

Our Vision

“Justice and equity for everyone.”

Our Mission

To develop an inclusive system of education based on music-based pedagogical interventions, along with developing child-friendly spaces to encourage self-expression and leadership. To create experiential journeys for young artists and youth by initiating processes of active citizenship and linking them to self-development, career goals, and entrepreneurship. (space nurture process, Echosystem, Folk music and artist spaces, )

Approaches/ Strategies

Participatory approach
Private public partnership
Promote Local self-governance
Right based approach


We Find & Fund

To create awareness among the people regarding child rights, child protection, leadership and violence.

Providing Care

To advocate for child rights, education and health.

We Educate

To empower women for raising their voice against violence

We Employ

To build life skills & leadership quality in youths through various platforms.